Review by Jim Piechota at The Bay Area Reporter Online

Excerpt: The amount of creativity and inventive, condensed storytelling here is impressive, yet for all the serious wordplay, there is also bountiful humor, as found in the poems “Cupid Bottoms for Psyche” and “How Queens Lose Their Looks.” Each work becomes braided into larger themes of liberation and gay freedom and equality…This is a fabulous and awe-inspiring collection not to be missed.

Review by Nate Bakke

Excerpt: Simply by reading his work, you can begin to understand his deeper spiritual connection with his childhood home…The book is worth a buy, for Tice’s remarkable connection and description, if not for his rapier wit.

Review at Loads of Learned Lumber

Excerpt: There’s a richness in Tice’s language that we get too rarely in these austere, low-cholestrol times. I hear Merrill, but perhaps  the truer source lies farther back: ‘In the summer of my sixteenth year, I fell in love with Auden.’ I was twenty-eight when it happened, but I read that line and thought, ‘Me, too.’

Literary Magazine Club — “On Bradford Tice’s ‘How to Become an American Boy'”

Excerpt: By baiting the reader with obvious clichés, Tice is able to address identity and difference indirectly, and expansively. It isn’t about ‘You,’ after all. But who? And the question, asked in a blank space removed from the narrative, feels honest, excites the defenses less. Forgettable self-talk like  ‘Be conventional and go weak at the knees,’ suddenly expresses more about identity and difference than it objectively should. It’s as if he’s created a kind of context capsule around the story.


Blog at North American Review

Excerpt: I wanted this poem to tie the experiences of those officers to the lives of those rioters beating on the doors of the Stonewall. I wanted to show a point of connectedness in the midst of chaos, the one side reflecting the other. Brutality is always easier when we deny our commonalities, and so I chose to make everyone present bound and intimate, even as it all came apart.


Interview — Jada Pierce, Late Night Library

Interview — The Arts Partnership

Interview — One Story

Book Trailer for Rare Earth

YouTube — Book trailer

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